Kitado’s Vengeance is Sweet


Born 16/04/18 from the mating of Vinny – Perfex Vengeance at Zeitgeist (Am. Imp) & Glenys – Kitado Rock Follies

Bella is an integrated member of the Bradshaw household. Spending time with her father Vinny, as well as Mike’s extended family. She has high intelligence and a very lively character. These traits have been put to good use in a training environment which she thoroughly enjoys with Mike’s daughter and granddaughter. It is hoped that she will make her mark as an exceptional producer in the future to keep the bloodline going forward.

Breeding – in partnership with Stuart & Ruth Evans
Owned by – Mike Bradshaw & Maureen Thompson
Health Status – Awaiting results

SIRE: Perfex Vengeance (Imp USA) DAM: Kitado Rock Follies 

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